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We are one of the leading organizations  that produce high precision industrial parts.

By 5 axis machining, Cmm and Faro

     Thai Aoki Company Limited was established in 2013, the parent company Aoki Symtech Co., Ltd. (Japan) and also has a branch in Vietnam Aoki-Shintech Vietnam Technology Joint Stock Co ,. Ltd. (Vietnam).

      At present, Thai Aoki is an expert. Jig Fixture design and manufacture, installation, and work made in order (Made to order), which the business has grown continuously. From the management and operations of qualified personnel Both in design (Design, CAD / CAM) with the main program CATIA V5 produced with automation (5 Axis Machining / Wire Cut). Assembly (Wiring, Piping) and quality checking before delivery with high-detail tools [CMM, FARO ARM Edge, Measuring Tools (Mitutoyo etc.)]. The work that the company produces 80% is the work of Honda Engineering Asian Co, .Ltd. Thai Aoki Company is widely recognized in the industry.

     With the commitment and cooperation of all executives and employees that are regarded as part of the quality award ISO 9001: 2015 and the company has also received a good quality product award from Honda Engnieering Asia Ltd. We are able to believe. Confidence and trust us, because we have production work for many companies in the country and abroad. We are 100% Japanese companies. We would like to focus on inspecting you. Pictures of workpieces before Deliver work and the delivery period is important.


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ISO 9001:2015 .